Since the early 1900's, Peking Ravioli or Chinese Dumplings have become one of the most popular appetizers of Chinese cuisine.

After a successful history of becoming the area's most sought after Dumpling Chef, Johnny Sou, launched the Chinese Spagetti Factory in 1985 to supply the area's Chinese restaurants.

After a few short years, Johnny's famous dumplings were so popular they required transitioning from hand made to machine made. The addition of new product lines included several different size dumplings from two ounce filling size to bite size and mini pop-corn size which is about half an ounce.

Johnny takes pride in preparing his Chinese Spagetti Brand Dumplings with fresh ingredients. He uses fresh meats, seafoods, vegetables and a secret blend of spices for the filling. The wrappers are made with wheat flour, soy oil, and egg whites.

"Cooks easily, eat healthy!" said Johnny. It is healthy and simple to cook. You can taste the freshness and juice in every bite.

"When you try one... you will want two, three, four or more!"